SO/ Berlin – DAS STUE


Situated in the diplomatic district of Berlin surrounded by lush green SO/ Berlin Das Stue is a cosmopolitan park sanctuary and revitalization project by Axthelm Rolvien Architects. From a former Danish Embassy to a luxury lifestyle hotel – SO/ Berlin Das Stue is a bohemian oasis blending fashion, art and hospitality. Originally built in 1940 by the famous architect Johann Emil Schaudt the house is a place full of history.

The redesign aimed to create a comfortable and tranquil island in the heart of the city, with direct access to nature. The concept respectfully reinterprets the identity and history of the building in a contemporary manner.

One of the primary objectives of the redesign was to restore the public areas, including the lobby, restaurants, lounge and bar, spa, libraries, and the Bel Etage. Sporting a strong sense of individuality, the communal spaces now have the feel of a living room that spans across the floors, where guests can meet, relax, interact, or rest.

The original marble is complemented by materials such as wood, travertine stone, resins, concrete, opaque tiles, and copper, enhancing the intimate atmosphere of a harmonious ensemble.

Architecture and Revitalization by Axthelm Rolvien Architects.
Originally built 1940 by Johann Emil Schaudt.
Interior Design by Patricia Urquiola.
Art Sculpture by Quentin Garel.
Floral & Decoration Design by Gracjana Stubinska.
Filmed and Edited by Nabil Mennad.
Aerial Footage by Elias Münchow.
Concept & Production by Fahrenheit Space.