Fahrenheit Space explores authentic human — centered design, [architecture and art] projects from across the globe, through a profound visual storytelling.


Fahrenheit Space offers a rare opportunity to engage with all sectors of the market. From residential and commercial projects to design and art collections, exhibitions and events, we aim to connect the design and art community through a wide range of powerful mediums. Fahrenheit Space [Profiles] showcase emerging and established architects, designers, artists, makers, studios, brands and represents a comprehensive collated and updated online source of highlighted projects.

[Profiles] provides exceptional story-driven and immersive, experiential qualities of spaces, powered by industry professionals and artist’s who unfurl the many layers and intent behind their creations. Fahrenheit Space Exhibitions, meanwhile, draw a powerful connection between artworks and spaces as complementary elements of a much larger, living and breathing curated system, evoking engagement with the physical and dimensional.


Fahrenheit Space was founded in 2020 as an open and transparent institutional space for artists at the forefront of an expanding and diversifying creative industry. While working in an often opaque and unaccommodating art market, Fahrenheit Space has sought to identify, cultivate and expose works of art on a meritocratic basis and has successfully launched and advanced the path of numerous contemporary artists.

By connecting artists and the industry directly with those interested in their work and leveraging from its pioneering use of art, space, design and technology, Fahrenheit Space has established itself as a global artistic platform for the world’s most distinctive and innovative talents.

Today, Fahrenheit’s community space is expanding to become a hub for industry-leading partnerships in architecture, design, and art – all under one roof.