Volo Bevza


Fahrenheit is pleased to present Volo Bevza’s Bigibans (2020–21).

This is the first time that Bevza’s provocative and personal series of 12 Paintings is being exhibited in its entirety. In this new series the practice of painting, with its inherent unpredictability, is a subject in itself. The guiding principles of Bevza’s method are impulse and eclecticism, while his tools are fingers, brushes, and computer.

Through bold expressionist brushwork, surrealist methodology, computer-generated lines, and an acute awareness of the self-conscious act of painting, Bevza does engage with the history of abstraction, multiplying the potential of visual codes through processes of layering and erosion. He aims to treat abstraction as gesture or geometry, superimposed on or conflated with a figurative register.

Painted on canvas in oil with no use of sprays or airbrush, these new works contain echoes of Bevza’s previous series—computer-generated lines, smears of gradual fadings, and combinations of various rules and constraints—yet yield entirely new results.

The geometric shape of rectangle has been a recurring motif for Bevza: in paintings such as Metamorphose (2020), the isolated, literally described geometric forms undermine the common role of identifiable shapes through “post-digital” painting. In the new schematic forms—rendered in non-naturalistic grading contrasts of vivid red, black, white, and blue—bodylike grey shapes become pure silhouettes that suggest the digital marks of design software, even though they have been meticulously hand-painted in oil paint. Flattening and overlapping surface, color, and content through cut-and-paste revisions of a fundamental biological form, he calls into question both nature and the most essential tools of painting.

Volo Bevza (b.1993) currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He received his MFA (Meisterschule) in Painting from Kunsthochschule Weißensee Berlin in 2019. His work was featured in several exhibitions and art fairs, including Galerie Crone, Berlin and Vienna (gr), Vienna contemporary, Vienna; Positions, Berlin.